Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Example 4

All three images above were rendered using Saffron with automatic grid fitting (i.e., Standard Alignment Zones) enabled. To produce the left two images, Saffron's distance-based antialiasing algorithm was temporarily replaced by a coverage-based antialiasing algorithm for the purposes of comparison only.


Example 5

The zone plate test pattern above was rendered from left to right by 4x supersampling with a box filter, 16x supersampling with a Gaussian filter, 16x jittered supersampling with a Gaussian filter, and optimal adaptive ADF supersampling. The filtering methods of the two left images are used most often for antialiasing type. Adaptive ADF supersampling significantly reduces aliasing artifacts using an average of only 3.6 samples per pixel for this image.


Example 6

Gaussian filter with 16 jittered samples

Adaptive ADF supersampling

ADF supersampling also provides a dramatic reduction in temporal aliasing, illustrated by the two videos above.


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